Robert Morrisey is a child of the eighties- the 1580’s right on through to the 1980’s… He grew up on a steady diet of comic books, old school dungeons and dragons, RJD era Sabbath, and Ren Faires. His favorite authors in the formative teen years were Tolkien, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett. In the winding and lengthy road of years since that interminable decade of skinny ties, synthesiser music, and global nuclear politics – Robert’s tastes have not become a lot more sophisticated.
His favorite Douglas Adams quote is “He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher… or, as his wife would have it, an idiot.” Never one to be weighed down with the inconvenience of abject reality, Morrisey insists that Douglas Adams was speaking about him. When faced the with impossibility of this claim based on the existence of concrete time lines that refute the possibility, Robert has been known to frown and mumble terms like – “quantum coefficients”, “cotangent alternate realities”, or “doesn’t anyone read Chopra anymore?”
Even though Robert Morrisey is a pen name, he does not consider himself to be a fictitious construct. The author does however firmly believe in equal rights for most fictitious constructs… as long as they are not corporations.

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